Ever car detailer has a dream car, something he or she wants to own, but will settle to just touch with a soft cloth. And for many, that’s the Ferrari F40. Some say it’s the best super car ever built, and many more say it’s the best Ferrari. A detailer can’t afford to make these distinctions. To [...]

Ferrari in the Dirt Part 1: Michelotto   Sometimes, a detailer sees something brilliant, but is glad not to have to detail it. Rally cars fall into this category, since they get so filthy every time they run a race. Kansas City, Missouri has never seen a rally. The closest we get is Rally America’s weekend out in [...]

Wednesday, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche passed away in Austria. That’s a long way from Kansas City, Missouri, but the auto detailing community are mourning him worldwide. No, he wasn’t Porsche’s founder. That detail was his grandfather’s. And no, he didn’t popularize Porsche as a sports car brand. His father, Ferry, did that. He did something greater. He designed two [...]