A rusty car is an eye sore to be sure. Rust not only ruins the look of your vehicle, but it also lowers the value of it. When winter comes and ice and snow litter the roads, salt trucks come out to try and take care of the problem. Unfortunately, that only speeds up the [...]

Everyone wants their car to look good. Regardless of whether you use your car to take your kids to school everyday or take out important business clients, it’s important that it looks nice. Even minor scratches can have a big impact on the look of your vehicle. It’s vital to have them repaired if it [...]

Not everyone necessarily cares about what their car looks like. But many do. Some people have careers that demand their car stay in top shape. Others want to take care of such a big investment. That’s why getting scratches on your car fixed is of the utmost importance. Forget what everyone else thinks. There’s no [...]

  To the untrained eye, it may make little difference which wax is used on a vehicle. Any car enthusiast and especially a collector can tell you that the type of wax you use can make all the difference. It takes a lot of energy to keep your car in optimal shape, and most people [...]

Getting your car waxed is a big deal for car lovers. In the mind of the average person, car wax may not seem like a big deal. There is nothing better for a car enthusiast, professional, or collector than seeing a car freshly detailed and waxed. For those who are passionate about cars, the type [...]