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March 29, 2013
El Camino After Kansas City Auto Detailing

As a Kansas City auto detailing company, we get to detail a lot of interesting cars. The El Camino is one of those odd cars that can’t decide whether it is a car or a truck. Sure there was the Subaru Baja that sported a type of truck bed but no one would ever mistake [...]

Polish For Car Detailing Kansas City

As you saw in our last Kansas City Auto Detailing blog post, we received a call from a customer that had a rather large car collection. With her 1939 custom Studebaker all detailed and ready to go, she wanted us to detail here Impala for the auctions. Another Kansas City morning we were eager to [...]

Finished Car Detailing Olathe KS

A call came in on our Olathe Auto Detailing phone. They were in need of a car detailing in Olathe KS. It was an owner of a large Olathe KS car collection. She told us that she had a few cars that were to be up for auction and needed them detailed. One of the [...]

Finished Ferrari Car Detailing Kansas City

A call came into the KC Detailing headquarters. The assignment was a 1991 Ferrari 348. Car detailing Kansas City can have its up and downs. This was an up day for our Kansas City auto detailing team. The customer was wanting his daily driven Ferrari to be detailed and polished. We set up the appointment. [...]

After Overland Park Auto Detailing Super Bird

We get a Overland Park auto detailing calls to detail Acuras, BMWs, Mercedes, and even exotics like Ferraris and Lamborghinis but this is the first time we have been called upon to detail one of these cars. This is a Overland Park Kansas Plymouth Road Runner Super Bird and yes that rear wing is factory. [...]