Scratches and Swirls? Our Auto Detailing Shop Can Help

Damage can happen to your car’s surface everyday. Especially when you live in Kansas City. The burning Kansas City summers can take a toll on your car while the winters cover your car in nasty salt and chemicals. Whether your car has been damaged by automatic washes, improper washing and drying, the sun fading it or perhaps even another Kansas City auto detailing shop buffing your car the wrong way, we can help.

The Perfect Auto Detailing Shine

Proper auto detailing techniques are needed when you are removing swirls and scratches from a car. Removing swirls and scratches involves the delicate process of leveling every imperfection in your paint’s clear coat so that light is able to reflect off the surface without flaw. Your car’s swirls won’t be covered or hidden by cheap auto detailing products, they will be removed never to return.

Don’t Compromise With Your Car

Don’t compromise when it comes to repairing swirls and scratches on your car.  It is not uncommon in Kansas City for well known and “reputable” auto detailing shops, to cover up the damage on your car with swirl hiding waxes. While actually causing more damage to your car with their “high-speed” buffing and polishing techniques.

Horror Stories: Swirls Return with More Damage After a Bad Auto Detailing

Often the swirl covering wax makes your car look amazing for about three weeks following the detail. But, as the wax wears away, the swirls will begin to reappear this time with new buffer trails and damage. The buffer trails are caused by auto detailing companies using improper polishing techniques, and will look like zig-zag holograms that are about an inch wide, and a couple feet in length.  Once you get the eye to see the details, you will notice the buffer holograms on cars everywhere you go.

A Car Detailing Shop You Can Trust

Rest assured that you car will be treated with the utmost care. KC Detailing is trusted by more high-end car enthusiasts than any other Kansas City auto detailing company. And for good reason. Not only do our clients return time and time again but they end up sending there friends and family our way as well.

Standard Packages:

Any of the following packages require the purchase of an exterior auto detailing

  • One-Stage Polish
    • $125-$299 depending on vehicle.
    • Increases Gloss and removes very light swirls and holograms.
    • Please note that one pass on polish will not remove any deep swirling, spider-webing or micro-scratching.
  • Two-Stage Compound & Polish
    • $299-$599 depending on vehicle.
    • 80-90% of swirls and micro-scratches removed.
    • Medium Compound and a Polish
    • Removes all holograms and light swirls while helping minimize the majority of the spider-webs and micro-scratches.
  • Three-Stage Compound & Polish
    • $499-$999 depending on vehicle.
    • 90-95% of swirls and micro-scratches removed.
    • Heavy Compound, Light Compound and a Fine Polish
    • Removes every level of damage that the Two-Stage package will plus it helps to remove the deep micro-scratches that the Two-Stage package may not be able to remove.
  • Low-Speed Rotary Final Polish
    • $119-$299 ad-on price.
    • $199-$399 without purchase of any of the above packages.
    • This can be purchased stand alone or as an add-on to any of the above packages.
    • In the high-end detailing world, a “final polish,” also known as “jeweling,” is designed to bring out a jewel like finish to your car’s paint.
    • Using proper techniques and low buffer speeds, all polish is completely broken down.
    • The level of reflection and gloss is absolutely stunning.
  • Perfection
    • $1499-$1999 starting price
    • Bid only
    • This package will remove every single imperfection in the paint.
    • Includes our Standard Detail package.
    • Includes final polish with low-speed rotary polish.
  • Hybrid
    • $899-$1299 starting price
    • Bid only
    • The hybrid package consists of performing a 90-95% correction on the bottom half of the car while reaching perfection on the top half of the car.
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