Kansas City Auto Detailing Hummer H1

Do you remember the old Hummer? You know, the one that was used in wars. If you were a civilian there were tough guy requirements. Requirements for driving one included chest hair, a knife strapped either on your leg or your hip, army boots and a good old arrogant patriotic get-er-done attitude. But things started to change.

Auto detailing is a tactile art as well as a visual one. A high end detail is as much about how the car feels as it is about the look. From the smooth, creamy touch of the bodywork to the clean, confident grip of the steering wheel, touch is important. So it’s no surprise that how a [...]

Auto detailing comes in seasons. So, apparently, do supercar releases. Namely, they congregate in a single season, the Geneva Auto Show. It’s the biggest new car show of the year, and the bonkers Aventador J already debuted there. The show happens to coincide with the Kansas City Auto Show, but that’s beside the point, because that was best [...]

Auto detailing can be tough. Several factors can complicate a detail job. Among them is the car’s roof, especially if the car doesn’t have one. Now, Kansas City Missouri is not a uniseasonal place. Winter shows up, and Kansas City is a pretty wet locale anyway. They call us the City of Fountains, after all. So [...]

Ever car detailer has a dream car, something he or she wants to own, but will settle to just touch with a soft cloth. And for many, that’s the Ferrari F40. Some say it’s the best super car ever built, and many more say it’s the best Ferrari. A detailer can’t afford to make these distinctions. To [...]

Ferrari in the Dirt Part 1: Michelotto   Sometimes, a detailer sees something brilliant, but is glad not to have to detail it. Rally cars fall into this category, since they get so filthy every time they run a race. Kansas City, Missouri has never seen a rally. The closest we get is Rally America’s weekend out in [...]

Even as Overland Park’s top auto detailing shop, at KC Detailing, we don’t see too many Hondas or Acuras among our performance car customers. Other than the brilliant S2000, Honda has mostly stayed away from rear-wheel-drive, high performance, and super-cars. Of course, they’ve always been very reliable, the Civics, Accords, and TLs, but Honda hasn’t [...]

February 4, 2012

Auto detailing has its perks.  Not the least among them is the ample face time a detailer gets to spend with gorgeous exotics.  Here at KC Detailing, we’ve experienced the pleasurable company of everything from Porsches to Bentleys to Maseratis while serving the Overland Park, KS area.  But there’s one super car we haven’t had [...]