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No matter how hard we all try, our cars get nasty rock chips from time to time. There are three options that you are left with. Can you guess what they are? No worries, we’ll just go ahead and tell you.

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While it is true that flat black will hide a lot of damage on a car, it is also true that car wraps, especially the textured carbon fiber on this Bentley, scratch and scuff very easily. Some people love the Batman type look on their cars.Performing An Auto Detail On A Flat Black Bentley

Car Detailing Olathe KS Lambo Wheel

Do you know the 4 keys to detailing custom car wheels? This article will explain what the keys are and give you some car eye candy to look at.

Almost everyone knows that hand washing your car is the best way to get your car clean. But not every hand wash system was created equal. In fact, a lot of hand washing systems will cause damage to that precious car of yours.

May 31, 2012

Most of us spend a lot of quality time in our cars. We’re in them on our way to work and back, on every errand, every date and every trip. We eat, drink and sometimes nap in them. With that much living in such a small space we’re bound to leave our cars a little [...]

Car care tip of the week. How do you minimize swirls while washing your car? As an Overland Park/Kansas City auto detailing shop we see a lot of automatic carwash scratches and swirls. The local gas station carwash is the car equivalent of eating at McDonalds. Some people are okay with scarfing down some Mickey [...]