Mercury is dead. Despite a rich heritage of hot rods and Cougars, the dying company was pruned away last year. The sad part wasn’t the death, but that no one noticed it. A nearly empty funeral. So the question some of us in the auto detailing industry are now asking is, will the same thing happen to [...]

Auto detailing comes in seasons. So, apparently, do supercar releases. Namely, they congregate in a single season, the Geneva Auto Show. It’s the biggest new car show of the year, and the bonkers Aventador J already debuted there. The show happens to coincide with the Kansas City Auto Show, but that’s beside the point, because that was best [...]

Auto detailing can be tough. Several factors can complicate a detail job. Among them is the car’s roof, especially if the car doesn’t have one. Now, Kansas City Missouri is not a uniseasonal place. Winter shows up, and Kansas City is a pretty wet locale anyway. They call us the City of Fountains, after all. So [...]

Ever car detailer has a dream car, something he or she wants to own, but will settle to just touch with a soft cloth. And for many, that’s the Ferrari F40. Some say it’s the best super car ever built, and many more say it’s the best Ferrari. A detailer can’t afford to make these distinctions. To [...]

February 4, 2012

Auto detailing has its perks.  Not the least among them is the ample face time a detailer gets to spend with gorgeous exotics.  Here at KC Detailing, we’ve experienced the pleasurable company of everything from Porsches to Bentleys to Maseratis while serving the Overland Park, KS area.  But there’s one super car we haven’t had [...]

November 18, 2011

Paint: The Skin of Your Car   Just like your skin, your auto paint is organic.  In fact, it has pores just like your skin.  The pores get clogged with contaminants and they will not be removed by simply washing your car.  Even if you do a very good job cleaning your car, they are [...]

November 17, 2011

The 411 On Auto Leather There are few things in life like brand new soft and supple leather.  The smell, the feel, the look…  it is a thing of beauty.  Billions of dollars are spent every year on skin care products, yet barely anyone thinks about taking care of the skin in their car.  Leather [...]

The Difference Between a Carwash and an Auto Detail A call comes into the KC Detailing shop. “Thank you for calling KC Detailing. This is Tim, how may I help you?” The caller, with an excited voice quickly responds, “I live in Overland Park, KS and I’m interested in a auto detail.” Tim replies, “Sounds [...]

Kansas City Auto Detailing Company Hosts Fundraiser to End Modern Slavery Kansas City auto detailing company KC Detailing is helping raise awareness of modern day slavery. “Being in business is more than making money,” comments owner Tim Dodd, “it’s about using what you have to help people.” Though by and large unspoken of in American [...]