Polish For Car Detailing Kansas City

As you saw in our last Kansas City Auto Detailing blog post, we received a call from a customer that had a rather large car collection. With her 1939 custom Studebaker all detailed and ready to go, she wanted us to detail here Impala for the auctions. Another Kansas City morning we were eager to [...]

Kansas City Auto Detail Porsche Job

Karl from RensportKC gave us a call a few months back. He was working on a Porsche project and the car wash in major need of a detail, exfoliation, compound, polish, wax and paint touch up. Karl and the Porsche client were both very pleased with the results.

Auto Detailing North Kansas City

This Honda Ridgeline got covered in stucco overspray. The owner quickly brought it to the wash so it would dry on the car itself. He knew that the car would get swirled but calling a detailer to fix the swirls is cheaper than having them do a full on stucco overspray removal auto detailing.

MLB All Star Game Auto Detailing Kansas City

75 trucks to wash, 300 tires to shine, 450 windows to clean, 4 detailers and only 6 hours to get it all done. That’s right, KC Detailing was chosen to wash the 75 trucks that the players rode in for the MLB All Star Game Parade.

2013 Kansas City Auto Detailing Promo Video with Todd

For 2013 we are making a new promo video for KC Detailing. We are working with Todd Davidson Photography. Between our KC Detailing and Todd’s team, we had a great team and with Todd’s personality we really had a lot of fun.

Almost everyone knows that hand washing your car is the best way to get your car clean. But not every hand wash system was created equal. In fact, a lot of hand washing systems will cause damage to that precious car of yours.

May 31, 2012

Most of us spend a lot of quality time in our cars. We’re in them on our way to work and back, on every errand, every date and every trip. We eat, drink and sometimes nap in them. With that much living in such a small space we’re bound to leave our cars a little [...]

Auto detailing comes in seasons. So, apparently, do supercar releases. Namely, they congregate in a single season, the Geneva Auto Show. It’s the biggest new car show of the year, and the bonkers Aventador J already debuted there. The show happens to coincide with the Kansas City Auto Show, but that’s beside the point, because that was best [...]

Auto detailing can be tough. Several factors can complicate a detail job. Among them is the car’s roof, especially if the car doesn’t have one. Now, Kansas City Missouri is not a uniseasonal place. Winter shows up, and Kansas City is a pretty wet locale anyway. They call us the City of Fountains, after all. So [...]

Ever car detailer has a dream car, something he or she wants to own, but will settle to just touch with a soft cloth. And for many, that’s the Ferrari F40. Some say it’s the best super car ever built, and many more say it’s the best Ferrari. A detailer can’t afford to make these distinctions. To [...]