kansas city auto detailing the finer details

The Finer Details

For Admirers Of Perfection


At KC Detailing we know how to properly treat the exterior of a car. You’ll be amazed at the technology and processes we have to make your car’s exterior look great for a long time. You’ll be hard pressed to find another Kansas City car detailing company that can offer the amount of services we offer and our levels of skill.

auto detailing kansas city an engine

Engine Detailing

Starting at $50 per hour

Iron decontamination and tar removal while car detailing

Iron Decontamination & Tar Removal

Starting at $100

car detailing kansas city doing touch up paint

Paint Chip & Scuff Repair

Starting at $75

headlight restoration before and after

Headlight Restoration

7 Step Headlight Restoration

Starting at $150

kansas city auto detailng wheel coatings

Wheel & Tire Coatings

Everything is decontaminated and polished before coating including lug nuts.

Barrels & Faces starting at $350

Tire Coating Starting at $75

kansas city car detailing applying a glass coating

Glass Coatings

Decontaminate, polish, and coating application.

Windshield $100

Windshield and 5 Windows $250

Additional windows or sunroof $50

kansas city car detailing WHEEL & TIRE REFURBISHING

Wheel & Tire Refurbishing

We take care of everything.

  • Painting
  • Powder Coating
  • Custom Colors

Starting at $750

OEM Design At Our Car Detailing Company

OEM+ Design

We love to help customers make their cars look even better than detailing can. We have the eye for the details and can make the most subtle changes to vehicles brining them to perfection for our customers. We have many partnering companies we work with in order to make sure our customers are always satisfied.

KC Detailling Offering Paintless Dent Repair

Dent Removal

Paint-less dent repair.

starting at $100